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Instagram is a social network that hit 100 million monthly active users in 2013. Since then Instagram has grown to 700 million monthly active users and is growing rapidly every day according to

Instagram is a photo and video social network where users are presented with a gallery of images and videos that they can comment on and love via the love heart. Instagram can only post from a smartphone currently and when you post it display this post in your profile. Users can follow your profile and this is how they can see your updates in their feed.

Instagram is a visual platform

So it’s in everyone’s best interest to post the most visually appealing content. We see a huge following for food, fitness, celebrities and beauty. Remember though that your Instagram profile is public and anything you post can be seen by anyone on the internet.

You can upload photos directly from your smart phone with the Instagram app. When you open the app and login you will be presented with your feed, if you click the Plus in the middle down the bottom, this is where you can take a photo/video or upload one. Once you take the photo you can select a filter and then click next to put a caption and other options for your post. Instagram can also automatically share to facebook and twitter if you have set these up.

The other feature that is relatively new to Instagram is stories.

Stories are like a photo and video diary that you can use to update people with a short video or photo that disappear after 24 hours. To post a story click on the image of you in the top left corner. Now you can click the circle in the middle to take a photo or hold it for 6 seconds to create a video.

  • Once you have completed that you can swipe to change the filter.
  • Add text by clicking the image. Put stickers on the page with the stickers tab and even write on the image with the brushes.
  • A good way to create quotes is to click the brushes, then hold down on the background till it covers the whole screen with a colour, then type your quote in as text over the page.
  • Once you have created your post. Click next and then select your Story and Share.

So as you can see Instagram is extremely easy to use and is a really fun place to post beautiful pictures and videos. Let us know in the comments your favourite Instagram person to follow!

Patrick McMahon
Web Division Happiness Team

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