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So many people want to start a Facebook Page but are unsure if they should or how to even get started. The following shows exactly how to create a Facebook Page and which type of page you should create.

Facebook Pages are designed to represent your business online. A Page lets you engage with Facebookers and allows you to use tools to manage and track engagement, as well as advertise.

It’s important to get the right page setup from the get go to save you time but don’t let this hold you back from creating your Page, as it can be changed later by going into the “…” menu next to Share and selecting “Edit Page Info”.

How to create a Facebook Page

Log in to a normal Facebook profile or user, select the down arrow in the top right corner of the page (right next to the big “?”), then click “Create Page”.

Facebook has six types of Pages which also have sub categories.

Understanding Page Types

1. Local Business or Place:

This is for businesses that have a physical location. There is a huge amount of sub categories in this section and if you can’t find one in any of the others it is most likely here. Make note that you will need a location and phone number for this type of Page.

2. Company, Organization, or Institution:

This is a good Page type for businesses that don’t regularly have people visit their business or you have multiple sites. Although, you can add the check in feature after you create your Page. Be sure to select an appropriate category from the pre-defined list. If you feel a bit restricted here maybe try a Local Business or Place.

3. Brand or Product:

If your products are sold through more than one website or stocked by more than one reseller/retailer (or will be in the future), select the ‘Brand or Product’ page type. This is the right page type for products with brand names and is where the likes of Apple, Coca Cola, Maybelline and Adidas hang out.

4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure:

If you are a person or specific group then this Page type is for you. For example Justin Bieber, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Malcolm Turnbull. If you’re a writer this is also the Page for you. Different selections in this Page will give you different options, for example, if you choose Band you will be able to set your Genre, Band Members and more.

5. Entertainment:

This is for entertainment and media type pages which include things like Albums, Festivals, Books, Magazines, Movies, Sports Team. Each category has its own set of information you can add to the Page. For example, the book category includes ISBN and Publisher.

6. Cause or Community:

This Page type doesn’t have any sub categories which means it won’t rank well in searches. It’s a good idea to consider creating a group instead of Page here. If you do decide to create a Page you should probably use company, organisation or institution as these have sub categories like cause and Non-Profit. Local business also has education, church, etc.

Once you have chosen your Page type and sub category your Page will now be published, but don’t worry too much it won’t matter until we get some likes and followers. The page will show up in the down arrow in the top right of your personal Facebook account page, the same place you selected the create Page link.

The next step is to start customising your Page.

Start by adding information so users can find your business and then give it a professional look with photos and logos.


Profile picture and cover photos are the two images you’ll want to get ready first before launching your site.

You want to make sure your profile picture a square image and it is recommended to be 170×170 pixels. Your cover photo, on the other hand, needs to be a wide screen type photo and it is recommended to be 851×315 pixels. To change these, just click on the camera icon in the image on the page.

The final step is to invite your friends to like your Page.

This is easy and can be done on the first screen of your page by clicking Invite next to the list of names under the heading “Know friends who might like your Page?”. This will invite them to like your Page and will start the process of growing your Page reach.


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