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About Digital Elevate:

  • Digital Elevate is a FREE Hands-on Social Media & Digital Workshop that has been created by Web Division ® in order to help you learn how to use the power of social media & digital marketing for your business.
  • Our aim is to help the business savvy locals of Mildura with LIVE workshops each week consisting of a few social media & digital marketing topics that we go through together.


Interested in coming to our weekly workshops?

  • Please visit our Digital Elevate Facebook Page for more information on upcoming events.
  • Just remember to bring your laptop as our workshops are designed to get you implementing exactly what you learn.

Workshop 2 Covers The Following Topics:

  • How to setup a Facebook page
  • What each page type means
  • Why getting the right image size is important

What You’ll Find In This Resource Document:

  • Types of Facebook Pages & Details
  • Different Page Features
  • Page Information Requirements
  • Page Name Rules
  • Subcategory List – In Detail
  • Photo Sizing Dimensions for Facebook

Resource Document Download:


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