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The easiest and most effective way to increase your Facebook likes.

Likes are important because they allow you to track how many people are interested in your page and it shows who is actively interested in your content. When someone likes your page your posts will likely show up in their Facebook news feed. On average, people spend a little more than thirty minutes per day on Facebook. Over a year totals just over seven days – a whole week on Facebook!  Here is an easy way to keep your followers growing and it costs nothing.  It’s true, the best things in life are free.


Everyone is on Facebook now (even old Mrs Smith next door, she loves posting those cat videos), in fact, there are over one billion monthly active users. That’s major 3 comma club stuff!  Why not tap into a part of that and get active on this platform?  Likes can provide your business with leads, help you reach your target audience and their friends and family and lower your marketing expenses.

So how do you increase your likes with little to no effort for free? This simple trick will help you do just that.

First, head on over to your Facebook page and have a look through your posts.  It’s these posts that contain pure ‘like’ gold.  Each post shows a list of people that like the photo, status update, event, etc. This is shown next to the iconic little blue thumb.  Now, if you click on the names a window will pop up which shows you everyone who liked that post.  Next to the people who liked the post will be an invite button if they aren’t already following the page. This invites them to like your page.

Facebookers will then receive a notification inviting them to like your page, and if they are liking your posts, then they are sure to like your page.

Next time you post something it’s more likely to show up in their news feed if they accepted the invitation and follow your page.  Now that’s good for you and them, because they will benefit from the information you provide that is relevant and can help them, and you have more likes!

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