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As businesses, we are expect to have a social media presence and set up accounts on many networks, sometimes without knowing much about them. Well today we are going to learn how to put your Facebook Page to use and how to use insights from your social network to gain valuable information about your customers.

Today we are going to cover:

  • Insights and the overview page
  • Watching other business Pages
  • Reach
  • Actions on page

Insights and the overview page

This is where you want to start to get a good look at how your Page is doing. The overview defaults to the last 7 days and doesn’t include today’s data. You can change the period to 28 days by clicking on the “Last 7 Days” at the top of the page and selecting “Last 28 days”. This allows you to see the last month worth of data.

The following is shown on the overview page:

  • Actions on Page: The number of clicks on your Page’s contact info and call-to-action button
  • Page Views: The number of times your Page have been viewed
  • Page Previews: The number of times people hovered over your Page name or profile picture to see a preview of your Page content
  • Page Likes: How many people have liked your Page
  • Reach: The number of people who saw any of your Page posts, broken down by total, paid, and non-paid
  • Post Engagements: The number of times people have engaged with your posts through likes, comments and shares and more
  • Videos: Total number of times page’s videos have been viewed for more than 3 seconds, broken down by total, paid and non-paid
  • Page Followers: The number of new people who have followed your page broken down by paid and non-paid

The next section to look at is the Recent Posts. Here you will see information about “Your 5 Most Recent Posts” This enables you to see which posts have Reached the most people, check engagement and also Boost the Post if you think it did well. We suggest boosting popular posts to gain more traction.

Watching other business Pages

In the overview you can also see “Pages to Watch”, It’s here that you can Add Pages that you like or your competitor’s Pages to see how they are doing on their Pages. It’s important here to realise that Facebook sorts this list by Total Page Likes but Engagement is the better metric to use when comparing yourself to the competition.


Now let’s move onto one of the menu items in your insights page, the first on we will go through is Reach. This page shows how many people your posts were served to and how many likes, comments, and shares you received. At the top of this page you can change the date range and view past months and weeks. Changing this range will give you a view of how active your posts have been. It’s good to look for where spikes are and go look to see which posts caused this, that way you can continue to post similar engaging content.

Actions on page

The next Insight we will look at is Actions on Page. It’s here that you can see what people are doing when they come to your page and if they are click the action button. This will show you if your action button is working and if it’s not getting many clicks, maybe you could change this out for a different action.

To change your action button, go to your page and under your cover photo will be a button, hover over the pen in that button to customise what the action button does, it will show “Edit Button” by clicking this you can set your button to call a phone number, email you, or open the messenger window and many other options.

So now you understand insights a little better, have a look around and see what other great insights you can find about your page. There are many more stats in your Page and if you use insights please tell us below in the comments your favorite insight and why.

Patrick McMahon
Web Division Happiness Team

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