Every marketing plan needs a clear-cut purpose.

Just like growing a business, it needs constant strategic planning in order to track results & constantly improve, our digital marketing strategy has the same outcome for your marketing endeavours.

This will ensure that your business goals are being achieved through our professional digital marketing services & your business vision is structurally implemented to achieve a much higher marketing success rate.

Our Approach Considers The Following FOUR Key Areas:

1. Goal Setting and Evaluation

The first step is to make sure we understand your business goals, your competitors and your audience goals. We also help you set the key performance indicators (KPIs) that helps you in evaluating the overall health and growth of your digital presence and its marketing efforts.

Everything else we do will be dependent on this step.

  • Audit Your Existing Digital Landscape
  • Audit Similar Companies Digital Landscape
  • Defining Your Audience Personas
  • Conducting A Strategy/Brainstorming Session
  • Defining Your Business & Marketing Goals
  • Defining Your Brand Voice
2. Defining Digital Strategy

Your brand’s digital strategy should not be about launching a simple website and posting a few tweets to twitter every now and again. A strategy originates from a plan of what you want to achieve and how you can leverage the right online mediums to get to your desired results.

  • Strategies To Implement Your Brand Voice
  • Strategies To Target Your Ideal Audience
  • Selecting Specific Platforms For Your Niche
  •  Defining Each Platform Intention
  • Brief Education On Our User Experience Strategy
  • Defining Content Strategies For Engagement
  •  Defining Content Strategies For Promotions
  • Defining Platform Schedule & Execution
  • Defining Our Results Tracking Strategy & System
3. Execution of Digital Strategy

Once your digital strategy has been defined & aligns with your business & marketing goals, we will then start executing on this plan, as per each platform schedule & intention.

  • Social Media execution
  • Landing Page/Funnel execution
  • Website execution from digital strategy
  • SEO execution
  • PPC execution
  • Email execution
  • Blog execution
  • Content execution
4. Optimise & Measure

Being able to track and measure how your digital marketing goals are being achieved, in an environment where you can react quickly to improve engagement and results, is incredibly powerful. During this monthly process, we will review the output of previous steps and determine what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change. This is where your digital strategy grows from a plan to constantly evolving strategy that grows with your audience & current market trends.

  • Creating a Tailor Made Reporting System
  • Conducting An Analytics Health Check
  • Researching Current Conversions
  • A/B testing
  • Optimisation Ideas For Each Platform
  • Creating A User Friendly Monthly Report
  • Conducting A Monthly Meeting To Walk You Through Your Results