Having a solid SEO content development strategy is the cornerstone of any successful website.
We generate traffic to websites by improving Google rankings either progressively at a National level or quickly at a local, Mildura based SEO level.

SEO will get you seen

88% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. Search engines are the number one driver of traffic to websites.
Web Division has a proven track record of delivering great improvements to organic website search traffic.

Our localised Mildura based SEO approach delivers real results. Ask us if you’d like to know what our team can achieve for your business.

Identify your SEO and user needs

Your brand’s digital strategy should not be about launching a simple website and a few posts on Facebook, our planning that builds your SEO strategy ensures the efforts are used on the best platforms to get to your desired results.

Research valuable SEO opportunities

The businesses that are discovering the most search engine success are those that are providing users with resources and information in the form of content.

SEO content writing should aim to be written in a plain, non-jargon format that is easy for the website visitor to see the value to themselves in the service you deliver, creating the desire for them to then enquire or signup.

Monthly reports & feedback to track results

Our process is straight forward:

  1. We plan and research your closest competitors and similar companies in the same industry
  2. We set up the software that tracks results and complete the work of optimising your website and create the content that will be posted on social platforms and your website depending on the planned strategy to ensure we get results.
  3. At the end of each month, we have our face-to-face meeting to discuss the previous month and any potential improvements to gain more traction or pivot on an ad that may be performing best to get your keywords ranking as highly as possible on either a National, State level or local Mildura level.