We turn your social media channels into lead generating machines.

Social media is an excellent and increasingly necessary way to spread your message and grow our business. Used well, social media can drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty and increase sales opportunities. But, with so many channels, making so much noise, it’s hard to now where to put your investment or what really works best for you & your business. Web Division can make sure your business stands out amongst the crowd on social media & to use it’s a tool to deepen your brand engagement, cultivate customer relationships & drive sales.

Our Approach Considers The Following FOUR Key Areas:

1. Analyse & Optimise

From our marketing strategy, we will have analysed you current social media landscape, as well as the social media landscape of other similar businesses within your industry, & from this we will have acquired a firm understanding of what is best practise for your business, & also what your ideal audience requires from you on social media. We will then set up/optimise your social platforms & prepare them to work in a more efficient way that will engage & inform your audience, leading to a much more prominent increase in customer conversions.

  • Analysis of Your Current Social Media Landscape
  • Analysis of Your Competitors Social Media Landscape
  •  Creating A Solid Social Media Strategy Optimised To Engage & Convert
  • Set-Up/Optimise of Current/New Social Media Platforms
2. Grow a community of loyal brand advocates

Your potential customers want the chance to interact with your brand in an authentic way. Doing so will help increase your brand reputation in a substantial & highly favourable manner. We will identify your brand’s unique ‘voice’, and create thought provoking and inspiring content around this genuine ‘brand voice’. This will keep your audience fully engaged with the professionally designed content that we will publish onto your social media platforms. The content we create for you will be a mixture of engaging/informative posts relating to your industry or to your audience interests, as well as a healthy dose of promotional/sales type posts which are optimised for conversion. This healthy ratio of post types will gain the trust of your audience & influence them into the conversion process with ease.

  • Analysis of Your Ideal Audience
  • Analysis of Social Media User Experience
  •  Analysis of Topics Around Your Particular Niche
  • Creation & Execution of Engaging/Informative Content
  •  Creation & Execution of Promotional/Sales Type Content
  • Listening & Responding To Your Audience
3. Converting followers into paying customers

Whilst we build your loyal community, we will also create pre-planned campaigns that are designed to bring the customer on a journey with your digital marketing – cross-platform-pollinating them by sharing links to your website, such as engaging blog posts, email newsletters, marketing funnels, forms & resources that interest your ideal audience. This way we can market to them across all mediums, & increase the lead generating process. We will also be continually evolving with our social media content, & finding the optimal time to post, based on your audience behaviour & insights.

  • Pre-Planned Marketing Campaigns
  • Cross-Platform-Pollination To Other Digital Mediums
  •  Analyse Ideal Audience Behaviours & Optimise Content To Suit
4. Evaluate, Evolve & Reciprocate

We want to make sure that you see our detailed plan each month, provide a detailed summary of what’s happened at the end of each month & also discuss & implement any changes to the plan/goals for the upcoming month. We will evaluate each platform with your dedicated marketing specialist to run you through your current campaigns performance & any particular insights that we have found from your audience to use as a resource for constant improvement.

  • Tailor Made Reports With Live Reporting Software
  • Client Access From Any Device At Any Time To Track Performance
  •  Monthly Report Meeting To Walk You Review Current Insights
  • Discuss Current Audience Behaviour & Current Marketing Trends
  •  Discuss Ideas For Performance Improvements