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Displaying a wide range of beautiful home designs through an advanced property search

Traditional meets modern elegance

Col Gowers Homes

Year: 2016

Tags: Website Design & Development


We were really excited to have the opportunity to work with Col Gowers Homes to bring the business one step closer to the modern age. From the moment you enter the website you are welcomed by elegant fonts and eye popping imagery. Scrolling down the homepage you are given a story from top to bottom.

The site features an advanced property search tool allowing users to navigate through the 80+ home designs to find the right one for their needs.


  • UX Planning
  • Website Design/Development
  • Advanced Property Search
  • Advanced Floor plan integrations
  • Filterable Masonry Gallery


Delving into the homepage you can find a great range of call-to-actions within the top-fold of the website, giving users the most likely destinations on page load. Scrolling further down a story unfolds with priority going towards each feature.

Other pages that were wireframed include the property search page, to ensure the functionality was working correctly from drawing to development.  The house designs page went through some revisions to ensure it was perfect, and made sense from a users perspective.

Col Gowers Homes

A conglomeration of beauty and sophistication

An elegant website with beautiful photography and bright colours makes the website a truly enjoyable experience.

Col Gowers Homes

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