Mildura Caravan Hire

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Mildura Caravan Hire

Year: 2014

Tags: Website Design & Development, Brand Innovation


The Mildura Caravan Hire brief revolved around introducing people to a new way of holidaying, by renting a caravan instead of purchasing one. To accomplish this we had to create a fleet of caravans that could be booked by the client easily, while showing off how great the caravan accommodation is.


The Mildura Caravan Hire website is a very clean and intuitive website with a twist of fun. The idea behind this design was to capture the interest of the readers and more importantly, give them the correct information they needed to know all they need to about purchasing a caravan for hire. Based on the branding we created the colours are vibrant and modern, with that outback twist in the lettering, this was so the brand captured a wider audience. The website comes with 3d virtual tours of the caravans available, a simple booking calendar for each caravan and other cool features that really showcase the Mildura Caravan Hire brand.


  • UX Planning
  • Website Design/Development
  • Booking Integration
  • Logo Design
Mildura Caravan Hire
Mildura Caravan Hire

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