Mildura Home Loans

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Mildura Home Loans

Year: 2016

Tags: Website Design & Development


When first researching and wire-framing user experiences for the Mildura Home Loans website, it was clear from the get go that the website needed to be friendly and approachable. To accomplish this the branding colours along with photos, flat design, and white space gives a very open and welcoming feel. Fonts on the website aren’t harsh and compliment the overall design, content is clear and intuitive also with call-to-actions always within arms reach to ensure the user is finding exactly what they need.

While no actual photography is found on the website except for the banner image on the homepage and an image on the contact page, the website is still quite enjoyable. With plenty of white space and colourful calls to action the lack of images isnt boring or dull, and future photos can be easily implemented to compliment the website.

The mobile responsiveness was also well though out and actioned throughout the website, ensuring no matter which device you are on, your experience will always being enjoyable.


  • UX Planning
  • Website Design/Development
  • Booking Integration
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • High Volume CDN Hosting
  • Online Vouchers
  • SSL Security
Mildura Home Loans
Mildura Home Loans

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