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Robinvale District Health Services

Year: 2015

Tags: Website Design & Development


The Robinvale District Health Service offers such a wide range of services, they were in need of a website that would be very intuitive and full of helpful information for the public.

Incorporating news and events was also a big part of the website, as RDHS is such a large organisation connected to the rural community it is vital they stay connected.


  • UX Planning
  • Website Design


Even though the website is more about educating their visitors to their services, the sheer scale of the website and the amount of content used made the user experience of key importance.

The homepage needed to feature their wide range of services while also giving access to news, events, careers, donations and a wide variety of other calls-to-action.

Inner pages have have all been thought out with sidebars, imagery and content that is purposeful.

Robinvale District Health Services

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An informative website with vibrant colours and great photography to make the user feel welcome and informed.

Robinvale District Health Services

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