Sunraysia Garage Doors

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Sunraysia Garage Doors

Year: 2016

Tags: Website Design & Development


The Sunraysia Garage Doors website brief was to create a user friendly website that was full of information about services and products for both the residential and commercial sectors.

Another core feature of the website needed was the ability for a user to easily request a free quote.


Researching for the Sunraysia Garage Doors involved figuring out how to best feature a range of call-to-actions near the top of the homepage. Since people attention spans are so low, we have to ensure what they want can be found just by visiting the homepage.

The design is a clean and bright website, heavily featuring black/white & red. Fonts are of readable size across all devices and help guide the users through the website.


  • UX Planning
  • Website Design/Development
Sunraysia Garage Doors
Sunraysia Garage Doors

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