Keep a good thing going…

In an ever growing digital world it’s vital to have the right tools at your disposal to ensure your shop front in this digital age is at the forefront. We give our clients a range of Care package options to ensure they’re website is looked after, and they can see that with monthly reports.


  • WordPress Software Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Compromised Site Restoration
  • Access to Online Support Documentation
  • Additional Support $150/hour
  • Cancel Anytime, No Longterm Contracts
Best Value!


  • Includes all of Insurance Care plus:
  • Dedicated Phone & Email Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Compatibility Testing
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Broken Link Monitoring
  • 2 minor tasks per month
  • Additional Support $135/hour
  • Cancel Anytime, No Longterm Contracts


  • Includes all of Protect Care plus:
  • Social Analytics
  • Heat Mapping
  • 4 minor tasks per month
  • Additional Support $120/hour
  • Cancel Anytime, No Longterm Contracts


  • Includes all of Improve Care plus:
  • Monthly Strategy Coaching Call
  • 6 minor tasks per month
  • Additional Support $105/hour
  • Cancel Anytime, No Longterm Contracts


What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

The whole purpose of our client plans is preventative care, so we work hard to prevent anything from happening. However, in the case something does happen and your website needs emergency care, we will be there right by its side communicating with the web hosting company on your behalf. We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

How do strategy coaching calls work?

These coaching calls are reserved for clients on our Grow care plan. They help focus a trajectory of the website for growth and improvements. These sessions are often used for online screen-sharing small updates or providing training.

What if I need something outside the plans?

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately at your discounted development rate. Development work will be billed at a discounted rate if on the Protect, Improve or Grow plans.
Protect – 10%
Improve – 20%
Grow – 30%

How does billing work?

Your Credit Card or bank details will be charged automatically using Ezi-debit at the start of each month. Once payment is complete we send you a tax invoice PDF directly to your email.

Can I really cancel any time?

Absolutely. We are all about building a valuable relationship with you and your website, so we would hate to see you go but we know financial needs weigh on many decisions and don’t want to lock anyone in. Request a cancellation via email to, and we will immediately stop the next payment.

Does the monthly time rollover?

Like a lawyer’s retainer, the monthly time is there for you every month to reserve your place in our queue and our resources, therefore it does not rollover for Protect, Improve & Grow plans. You can take comfort in the fact that what you will request within that 30/60 minutes of time (depending on your plan) will be addressed by our team with immediate attention. Our Care Packages are customised to the client and allow for a time block for that month special to their needs.